Una vigna in famiglia con la “ Vigna In Affido “

Produzione e vendita di vini propri

Una vigna in famiglia con la “ Vigna In Affido “

Wine belongs to the Italian culture from millenniums, and every family from different generations, in the evening comes around the table and they share this pleasure who goes with meals.

However the wine goes also with special moments as the birth of a child,  a wedding, or a work promotion. Our Winery contributes to make, every single event, a special moment, from the Christmas dinner with the family to the events more wordly.

The ” Vigna in Affido “, which means ” An adopted vine” is an easy operation created to make more stronger the bond between who buys a bottle of Vermentino Bianco or Vernero, and our winery. This way allows people to “adopt” a plant of that specific variety of grapes, and allows also to create a more stronger bound winery-family.On the plant there will be attached a kind of card, in wich, upon, will be written the name od the “foster”, whom can come in the vineyard and visit his plant whenever he wants.  Vigna in AffidoDuring the harvest, will be produced a bottle of wine expresslyfor the “foster”. Furthermore the adoption is certificated with a document, who’s valid for one year.

Unfortunatly the winery can’t certificate that the bottle bought comes directly from the family’s plant but from the area of that plant and around it.

We choosed “Vermentino Bianco” and “Vernero” for this project because this wines are wines conform for ageing and it’s possible to choose a different year instead of the ones that are in commerce, as maybe the year of your special moment La scelta del “Vermentino Bianco” e “Vernero” per la vigna in affido è nata poiché quest’ultimi sono vini adatti all’invecchiamento ed è possibile scegliere anche annate diverse rispetto a quelle in commercio, come per esempio l’annata del vostro momento speciale.