What about Podere Scurtarola?

Produzione e vendita di vini propri

What about Podere Scurtarola?

In the local dialect, Scurtarola means shortcut. This byway still connects the suburbs of Massa to Carrara, passing through the Candia Vineyards.

On the top of the first slope we find the great grandfather Federico’s house, the site  that was an essential resting place for those who were exhausted from the route and from the burden that was more often carried on the shoulder rather than on a mule back.

The vine-trellis overhang near the house threshing-floor, offer refreshment, and along with a good glass of wine, offered formerly by Federico, then by Ottaviano, gave the push to continue one’s way.

Nowadays the path is only accesible for aziendaone third of the route, but the “Scurtarola”, reference point for those that venture in Candia, remains the building that, roosted on the Vineyard terrace-hill of Gabbiano and Palancato, had represented the business centre for more that 100 years.

This name remembers the bravery of those who, long ago, had forseen in this outlying area an income-generating service and, with toil and steadfastness, had built the house.

For this reason the farm has maintained the “Scurtarola” trademark, a tribute to those that have built themselves a future with strength, steadfastness and foresight.