Produzione e vendita di vini propri

degustazioni scurtarola


The best way to know someone is to meet him and to hang out with him .

The best way to know our wines is to come to visit us .

We love to tell people about our story, our passion, our doubts and our crisis, that ever since  give us the opportunity to become wiser. We like to do it as farmers do: through spoken presentation, with the mood of that special day  and taking you to the vineyard to feel the earth and through the steps between the terraces to make you feel the strain we made, and live together an experience.

Each visit has to be an experience 

Of course we don’t have any kind of standards, for every single person or group who come to visit us, we find a solution for everyone’s need.

This is why the vist has no price. But the food and the wine yes, they have it.

We can conclude the visit with a tasting or a dinner .

We share our time, let’s share it together.