In the cellar

Produzione e vendita di vini propri


In 1992 we moved the whole cellar from the house of great grandfather Federico to the  new house of PierPaolo.

Even watching to the future, we chose to keep some barrels of the Grandfather Ottaviano, and we also chose to keep the vats and some barrels of my father Federico.

From the year 2000 we started a new task: we are hardly working to find a solution to reduce and, why not to completely remove maybe one day, the use of solphites.

In 2010 we imposed ourselves to produce natural wines, even avoiding the additions allowed by law. We believe that wine is a healthy drink, that can also help the health, and according to the traditional thinking, wine is just fermented grape.

To be faithful to this idea we don’t use any kind of industrial yeasts and not even industrial enzimes.

Also in the cellar our thinking is that wine evolves on its own, and only a great connection between the grapes and the cellar allows to produce wines with a strong character and a long life.

Today our Vermentino Bianco, our Vernero and our Federico I° can be drunk also after 20 years of agening.

If I had to make a wish?

I wish our grandchildren will be pleased by some forgotten bottle in the cellar.