The vineyard

Produzione e vendita di vini propri


The vineyard

Our vineyard is situated in the geographic area of hills called “Candia”, in the northest part of Tuscany, which boasts a millennial tradition, that dates back before the ancient Romans.

Nowadays nearly 5 hectares of vineyard are used to produce our wines.

Our land consists of 5 Hectares, entirely terraced, with up to 80% slopes, that often suffer from landslides and constraints us to a merely hand work in the vineyard, so that we are forced to personally control every single grape, and have the possibility to intervene each time it’s necessary.

Our family has been producing wine for over 160 years. We make wine only from our grapes, a selection of local varieties that we grow completely naturally, with no use of neither chemical nor organic fertilizer and no herbicide. We do not even water our plants. We only cut the grass. Our vines do not receive any treatment unless strictly necessary.

14095879_10209682002748941_2608007027440666441_nMy brothers and I decided to keep together all the family proprieties and to continue taking care of the vines and to producing the wine as we saw from our father and, before from our grandfather.

With the eye pointed to the future, holding the tecnologies and the changing time, we combine tradition and innovation.