Gocce di Pietra

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Gocce di pietraGocce di pietra

Currently for  making Gocce di Pietra are used nearly 3ha  that produces about 100 hl of wine. Since 1989 in the vineyard we don’t use any fertilizer, any irrigation and neither any weeding.

At the moment, the only thing that we do in the vineyard it’s just a light  cut of the grass.
Beause of the strong inclination of the ground with terraces ( 80% inclination), we have to  work in the vineyard by hands . The harvest and all the operations are manually effected by specialized personal allows us to intervene on the quality of the grapes and wine in every moment of the production.
Since 2008 we use only natural yeasts selected in the cellar and no enzymes.


Tasting notes
COLOUR: gold with beautiful copper notes, live and load
BOUQUET: Peach, vanilla and licorice. Good intensity and persistence.
TASTE: full, savory, with a light almond note won by the softness .

Recommended with vegetable soups and tartes; first plates with pesto and cheeses; white meats; half – seasoned cheeses; Lardo di Colonnata (Colonnata’s bacon); raw fish ; raw vegetables and crushes.



light squeezing; fermentation in the own yeasts, 6 month of refining in oak barrels.

Grapes  varieties: Vermentino 75%, Trebbiano 10%, Albarola 10%, Malvasia 5%
Vineyard:  Colline di Candia
Altitude:  120 – 170 metres s.l.m.
Exposition: sud-sud Ovest
Growing Method : Cornificazione variabile


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