Germplasm conservation field

Produzione e vendita di vini propri

Discovering by playing
Germplasm conservation field
Our business has since always a really peculiar enterprising spirit.
Production has never been considered as a duty, but as a pleasure: zest for trying has always been the keystone of everything.
Our first goal as business is satisfying the needs of our public, by respecting the territory and by trying to use it to the maximum.
Consumers change continuously and as generations change, their taste transform too and they always seek something new.

What about searching for something new just by playing ?

In 1996 Pierpaolo Lorieri and Paolo Storchi, thanks to their curiosity, their urge to play and their love of trips, started the field of collection of Tuscan autochthon vines, i.e. the germplasm field of conservation (Campo di conservazione del germoplasma).
They visited Tuscany and gathered only the Tuscan autochthon vine varieties which show 51 varieties. 37 varieties out of 51 come from Massa-Carrara area; 11 are the equivalent of already-known types of grapes and the last 5 has unknown DNA and step by step we are keeping on defining each of them.
These 51 variecodice c.r.a. scurtarolaties has been added to the “database” of the species of vine varieties and are approved by a label with a CRQ Code.
This field has been recognised by Tuscany and the technique participation to the CRA of Arezzo made its creation possible.

Cloning field of the Vermentino (type of wine)
The spirit of adventure and of discovery that characterise the business contributed to the creation of a field for the collection of a selection of Vermentino clones, the LOR 1, throughout the Mediterranean.
By visiting different Mediterranean spots, Pierpaolo Lorieri and Paolo Storchi discovered the existence of species with similar DNA.

This field has been also recognised by Tuscany with the technique partnership of the CRA of Arezzo