Federico I° – l’Appassito

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Federico I° l'appassito Federico I° – L’Appassito

Drying the entire grape until Christmas; fermentation and refining in kegs for 4 years.

Organoleptic sensations

This liquor-wine presents a crystal limpidity that shows the intense straw-colour’s wine.
To the nose comes up the good intensity and persistance of an elegant bouquet, with prevalance of  ripe or candied fruits, that don’t hide the floreal and spice’s notes.
To the palate it appears sweet, the alcoholic strenght is achived trought the sourness and the rich flavor, the in it’s type reveals that it possesses a good balance, the intensity and gustative persistence are in a perfect harmony with the exellent taste- olfactory’s balance. The final sensations show, in it’s type, the harmonious balance and the evolution of the meaning of ready and ripe.Federico I is a perfect companion for cakes, cookies and juicy desserts, and it’s also great match with blue cheese ( formaggio erborinato ), and exellent dark chocolate.


Grape varieties : Vermentino, Trebbiano, Albarola, Malvasia, Bosco
Vineyard: vigneto nelle Colline di Candia
Altitude : 180 metri s.l.m.
Preservation period: 7-8 years from harvest’s time
Growing Method : Cornificazione variabile


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