Marble meets wine with the ” Cantina di marmo”

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Marble meets wine with the ” Cantina di marmo”

In the heart of the Apuan Alps, in the slope of Massa, a partnership was born: the Cantina di marmo (“wine marble cellar”).IMG_0331 copia

The Cantina di marmo is an extraordinary experience you can enjoy thanks to the union between our business and what the Tuscan surrounding area can offer. This wine cellar is situated inside one of the rarest marble quarry galleries, the Cava Capraia. It is located 1000 m. above the sea level and the finest kinds of marble are extracted here, such as the Fior di pesco (“peach blossom”), which Michelangelo particularly loved.
Those who have the chance to enter the core of this precious jewel can admire a colourful kaleidoscope: green, yellow and pink will be a pleasure for your eyes.

Cava Capraia can rarely be accessed by the general public.
It takes an half-hour by jeep to reach it but it is worthwhile and unique in its genre.
IMG_0329A cylinder-shaped marble barrel containing must can be found inside the quarry. The must settled for 12 months in the barrel and the result is a
first-class wine aged directly in the quarry, which had been adapted as a natural wine cellar thanks to a steady temperature and humidity.

This type of wine is not available for sale but you can have the possibility to reserve a special wine-tasting.