Novità e appuntamenti da non perdere

Produzione e vendita di vini propri

Novità e appuntamenti da non perdere



Hi everybody!

Qualche news sul nostro conto…

Lately we had the pleasure to partecipate in intresting events and we would like to share them with you all.

On Friday 17th November we took part to an event called INDOVINO.  During that evening our wines and the ones of 2 other wineries  ( Fortulla’s winery & Panizzi’s winery) were served with  vith the amazing dishes of   Ristorante Locanda Antica di Levante, But what was exactly Indovino?? Indovinare is the italian word for “to guess” so the guests had to guess the characteristics of each wine and the winner as 1st prize had recived a bottle of our beloved VERNERO !

On Tuesday 23rd November we took part to a ” tasting dinner ” into the heart of Castelnuovo ne’ Monti thanks to  Kubosteria. Our wine had the pleasure to be served with the dishes of Kubosteria. It was a wonderful evening dedicated to lovers of good wine and food

Now it’s time to  #savethedate 

Where we will be in the next weeks and where you can find us :

Dove saremo prossimamente e dove potete trovarci ??

25th-26th November we will be in Bard  ( Valle d’Aosta ) to attend at Vins Extrêms

2nd – 3rd Firenze, Stazione Leopolda.  You can find us in Eccellenza di Toscana section, where it will be possible to have a tasting of our wines and the ones of other 150 winemakers.

For more events do not forget to stay tuned on our facebook page  : Podere Scurtarola di Lorieri PierPaolo   & on our website!