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Marble meets wine with the ” Ca...

Marble meets wine with the ” Cantina di marmo”

In the heart of the Apuan Alps, in the slope of Massa, a partnership was born: the Cantina di marmo (“wine marble cellar”). The Cantina di marmo is an extraordinary experience you can enjoy thanks to the union between our business and what the Tuscan surrounding area can offer. This wine cellar is situated inside […]

Once upon a harvest..

Once upon a harvest..

This year to remind how much we are linked to our traditions,  we decided to create an event in a class by itself,  a special harvest with our loved friends and some special guest… they was Lucignolo Gedeone and Filippo, our trusted donkeys.  Yes, this year we broke all the rules and we tested the life that […]

Una vigna in famiglia con la “ Vigna ...

Una vigna in famiglia con la “ Vigna In Affido “

Wine belongs to the Italian culture from millenniums, and every family from different generations, in the evening comes around the table and they share this pleasure who goes with meals. However the wine goes also with special moments as the birth of a child,  a wedding, or a work promotion. Our Winery contributes to make, […]

Whatever will be, will be, wich vinta...

Whatever will be, will be, wich vintage will be?

This year happened something really particular ! We changed the kind of pruning, the key word is FREEDOM. Everybody knows that if a plant is free it’s also happy! All over the world exist 20 different techniques of pruning of the vine and I asked myself why can’t we have 21 different ones?  And then […]

Vinitaly 2016

Vinitaly 2016

Even this year in April we participated to the Vinitaly ! ( the most important Italian fair of wines and beers) This year we had the chance to meet people coming from all over the world and to share with them our wine and the taste of our land through our typical products. We had also […]